Corporate Responsibility

Ambulancias Civera, S.L. has in place a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan as a logical consequence of the actions it has undertaken in recent years.

This CSR Plan’s essential characteristic is our company’s desire to incorporate social and environmental considerations in decision making and account for the impact our decisions and activities have on society and the environment. This involves transparent, ethical behaviour that contributes to sustainable development, complies with applicable legislation, and is coherent with international standards of behaviour.

In order to establish its CSR Plan, Ambulancias Civera, S.L. has used ISO 26000 as a guide, taking into account the following seven key areas:

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Ambulancias Civera, S.L.’s Code of Ethics and Conduct is based on its corporate mission, vision and values. It establishes the principles and standards of conduct we consider essential in order to maintain our organisation’s cohesion, strengthen its identity, and gain the respect and esteem of stakeholders.

Our Code is based on:

Equality Plan

Ambulancias Civera, S.L. has in place a Plan for Equality between Men and Women that stems from the need to guarantee real and effective equal opportunities among men and women.

Furthermore, for any service company with a willingness to show good leadership, such as Ambulancias Civera, S.L., people are its main asset. As we are aware of this, the company and legal representatives of employees have always shown a desire to advance towards the professional and personal development of the individuals who constitute our workforce.

In this project, and in an environment seeking full quality and professional excellence, we strive for occupational wellbeing, analysing the characteristics of staff at Ambulancias Civera, S.L. with the aforementioned aim of promoting measures that guarantee the principle of equal opportunities among men and women, from which the company benefits by extension.