Ambulances for Bull Events

Decree 31/2015, of 6 March, of the Consell, approving the Regulation on traditional bull events in the Valencian Community, obliges organisers of any bull event to have the corresponding ambulance assistance and health staff on hand.

Ambulancias Civera, S.L. provides health coverage for all types of bull events:

Our company has available patient care ambulances (Basic Life Support - Class B and/or Advanced Life Support - Class C), a hospital tent, doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and an extensive, highly qualified team with great experience in providing an ambulance service at bull events.

As required by the Decree, in order to host bull events the organiser “must have in place a medical service attended by medical and nursing personnel. The person leading the medical service must have knowledge in advanced life support and training in providing medical care to people injured at bull events.”

Our medical service has the health equipment and material outlined in this regulation for patient care ambulances, in accordance with Royal Decree 836/2012, of 25 May.

The presence of our equipment and staff is always available from one hour prior to the start of the event and until it finishes, as strictly detailed in Decree 31/2015.

You may request further information and a free quote for an ambulance at any type of bull event, free of obligations.