Neonatal Incubator

Ambulancias Civera, S.L., in its endeavour to offer its patients the best healthcare, has included a Dräger Babylog 2000 neonatal incubator among its equipment. This is designed for premature babies and newborns with a bodyweight up to 6 kilograms, and it has an integrated gas supply mixer for oxygen and compressed air.

The incubator allows newborns to be attended to with quality care

Our incubator has servo control, which is a sensor that is stuck to the baby’s skin in order to measure his/her temperature. If the temperature is low, the incubator mathematically emits heat. If it is high, it does the opposite.

It also features insulation, one of the essential aspects in incubators. Our incubator’s air filters stave off the germs and allergens found in the exterior. For this reason, this piece of equipment is such an important element for babies experiencing problems with their immune system.