Ambulances for Pyrotechnic Events

Ambulancias Civera, S.L. offers health coverage for all kinds of pyrotechnic events that require ambulances, nurses, doctors, hospital tents, electromedicine, and more.

Thanks to the company’s long career, we have provided services for Falles, Bonfires of Saint John, cultural associations, mascletàs, correfocs, firework displays, cordàs, pyrotechnic shows, despertàs

The Valencian Community and Catalonia, which are geographical areas where our company enjoys a deep-rooted presence, regularly host recreational spectacles involving fire and colour. Due to the risk involved in using gunpowder, Ambulancias Civera, S.L. puts forward a large fleet of ambulances as well as medical and health personnel to ensure the correct development of these pyrotechnic events.

In coordination with the different state security forces and agencies (Local Police, National Police, Fire Brigade and Civil Protection), our staff offer our clients all the experience we have gathered through the large number of events at which we have provided coverage. As such, we can advise clients as to how best to carry out any pyrotechnic event with our entire modern fleet of ambulances: