Medical and Nursing Care Vehicle

Medical and nursing care vehicles are designed to provide urgent healthcare. Unlike ambulances, they are an intervention resource that does not have the ability to transport the injured.

Ambulancias Civera, S.L. has several vehicles with these characteristics and which have their certification registered in the Valencian Community’s Autonomous Register for Health Centres, Services and Establishments.

Use of Medical and Nursing Care Vehicles

This type of vehicle is used to transport care staff and materials to the site of an emergency. As such, the response time can be reduced and the incident can be reached more quickly to apply healthcare measures to the patient. To do so, this mode of transport has medical personnel and Advanced Life Support equipment.

It can also be used to support other teams in complex or serious situations, incidents involving multiple victims and/or in cases in which the presence of health professionals is necessary. Another of its uses is being able to resolve situations without having to transfer the patient to a hospital centre.

It is frequently used in home medical visits, reducing patient waiting times and providing better quality of care.